Top 5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Top 5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere:- Fitness this terms sounds very good but becoming fit needs efforts. Today I am going to tell you 5 common exercises which can be done anywhere whether you are in your office or in your home or in the park. Be calm and read the full article and apply it in your daily life it will definitely help you.

5 Easy Exercises For Fitness

1. Use Stairs For Fitness

Yes, you read it right use stairs, in the beginning, you will feel a little tiredness but if you this for regular basis then this will become your habit and you will see results.

2. Walking instead of using Vehicles

You must understand that walking is the easiest and best exercise for being fit. You should walk at least 5000 steps for maintaining weight and 10000 steps for losing weight.

You should make the habit of walking as it overall tones the body and increases blood circulation which results in a stronger body.

3. Move Your Hands Up and Down

This is a simple exercise you just needs to move your hand up and down you could do this in your sitting position as well.

This exercise is best suited for desk job people who usually sit for a whole day just typing or writing.

This exercise increases blood flow in the above portion of your body starting with the back and shoulder to the arms.

4. Raise Your Calf

If you are standing just stand on your toes and raise your calf. This exercise helps in strengthening your legs. But just keep in mind that you have stood on your toes for like 20 sec or so.

If you do this exercise regularly your legs will become strong and your bone would get stronger.

5. Simply Roll Everything

Beginning with your wrist, neck, hands and then legs. This exercise could be done from anywhere because of its simpleness.

Roll every part clockwise and then Anti-clockwise do this regularly and remember you should do 20-25 each.


Do whatever you want but don’t miss the chance to do any of the exercises mentioned above. These exercises will tone your body and hence make you fit and good looking. Keep smiling and remember health is wealth.

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