New Whatsapp Features you Should Use (August 2019)

New Whatsapp Features you Should Use (August 2019):- In Indian Subcontinent Alone Whatsapp has more than 400 million users in a total of 1.5 billion. Whatsapp is now planning very big and working accordingly to increase its users all around the globe.

For increasing its user base Whatsapp is keep on adding new features. In past WhatsApp has introduced many unique features to its Application.

Currently, Whatsapp is working on the dark mode feature. This feature is in testing for both Apple ios and Android. It is expected that this feature could come first in ios and then in Android. This feature could be available in a few months.

4 New Whatsapp Features (August 2019)

1. Unlock you Whatsapp with Fingerprint

This feature is currently in beta (testing) mode. We have seen that this feature was released for ios in the past. Now the turn of Android comes. If you want this feature then go to Privacy Section and enable fingerprint option after that you could use fingerprint to open the Whatsapp. If you want then you can also hide the messages from the notification section above your smartphone.

2. Multiple Voice Messages

With this new feature now you could send multiple consecutive voices messages to any of your friend or relative and they will play automatically. In previous versions of Whatsapp, people had to listen to each message one by one individually. This feature plays the audio automatically and you don’t have to go back to play it.

3. Privacy From Group Invitation

We have the best feature from WHATSAPP Team in a long time. In this feature People who don’t want to be part of the WhatsApp groups can set their settings to nobody. This feature will help us to maintain our privacy and also save our data as well as time.

4. Frequently Forwarded For Stopping Fake News

This is a feature let you know when a message is forwarded more than 5 times. This feature was launched to stop the fake news spread by the people. If you haven’t tested this feature then you can do it now.

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